Belarus is overtaken by protests. Every day you can hear cries and shots fired on the streets, every day from several hundreds to several thousands of people are arrested by the police. The conflict is escalating, and there have already been several victims.

The people have the right to protest, and we understand that many are lead to the streets by the feelings of outrage and injustice, yet by going out to face bullets and batons, fighting with Special Purpose Police Unit (ОМОН), people are risking their health, freedom, and even their lives.

There are more effective ways to fight.

Not only for free elections, but also for the opportunity to make your life better right here and now. There is a very effective and long-proven method – a strike.

Now many are calling the factories to stop working in order to stop the police brutality.

But this is not enough.

A one time strike for free elections would not be enough. We need an organization, that will raise the workers every time when the boss or the owner ‘go wild’. Each of us spends most of our time at our workplace, and precisely because of the situation there, because of the fear to lose your employment, the feeling of being deprived of freedom is growing.

We need a good, permanent organization of workers, independent of the government or the owner.

Moreover, such workers' organizations are needed not only in the state-owned industrial giants. Even today, most of Belarusians work in the private sector and the situation there is often no better than at the state-owned enterprises. And private owners are no less of a ‘sponsor of the system’ than state-owned enterprises.

It gets talked about less often, because no single businessman would like to have organizations at his business that would curb their appetites. However, without workers' organizations and without struggle in the private sector, the oppressive lack of freedom for most Belarusians will not disappear.

What should we fight for

  • Banning the enterprises’ privatization
  • Preservation of jobs
  • Democratization of the political system
  • Immediate release of groundlessly detained at the rallies
  • Cancellation of Decree No. 3 "On the prevention of social dependency"
  • Ban on fines and loss of bonuses
  • Cancellation of the contract system
  • Increase of social support
  • Cancellation of pension reform
  • Creation of trade unions that will defend our interests

What to do

  • Talk with your colleagues.
  • Organize a chat on social networks or messaging platforms.
  • Find the workshops in which a strike will stop production or services.
  • Join our media and get ready to stop working at the right time.